Aims of Friends of Radley Lakes

Grebes  Jo Cartmell

Grebes © Jo Cartmell

In May 2010, the Save Radley Lakes campaign group held an Extraordinary General Meeting, at which it was agreed to adopt the name ‘Friends of Radley Lakes’, along with new aims to reflect the changed situation at the Lakes. Those aims are:

  • To represent the views of all those who care about the Radley Lakes and their future.
  • To support and assist Earth Trust in its management of Thrupp Lake, and any part of the Radley Lakes that the Earth Trust may eventually become responsible for.
  • To support and assist any other charitable body that may become positively engaged in conservation activities at the Radley Lakes.
  • To promote the restoration and good management of the Radley Lakes for wildlife conservation and public recreation, and to do this by dealing with it and its wildlife as part of the wider Abingdon/Radley area, as far as circumstances allow.

Friends of Radley Lakes (Save Radley Lakes) Constitution (pdf).