Radley Ecology Reports

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Ecological reports index last updated July 2016 (Excel). Provides the following detail about each document: date, author(s), title, association, file type and size.

Bioscan reports and lists

Radley Environmental Statement Jan 2006 (50 page PDF 2.7MB)

Radley Phase 2 Ecological Appraisal Chapter 5 Ecology - Oct 2011 (108 page PDF 3.6MB)

Radley Ash Disposal Site July 2013 (19 page PDF)

List - plants, invertebrates, birds (Excel)

List - Vascular plants Appendix I - 2011 (Excel)

Earth Trust

Sandles Bat Report - Windrush Ecology July 2015 (18 page PDF 7MB)

Underwater survey of Thrupp Lake June 2010 - Piotr Lukasik (5 page PDF)

ECOSA (Ecological Survey & Assessment) reports

Phase 1 survey Dec 2009 (96 page PDF 2.8MB)

Plant survey 2012 (3 page PDF 100K)

Ben Carpenter - bird summary reports

2010 report (47 page PDF 2.2 MB)

2012 report (73 page PDF 1.8 MB)

2013 report (89 pages 2 MB)

Bob Eeles - various reports

Abingdon Hydro ecology (46 page Word doc 2.2 MB)

Evidence for the presence of the great crested newt (3 page Word doc)

Recent water vole signs at Thrupp (2014) 6MB 18 page Word doc

Water voles (2015) 12MB 11 page Word doc

TVERC (Thames Valley Environmental Records Centre)

Radley gravel pits wildlife survey 2005 (11 page Word doc)

Save Radley Lakes documents

Ecology summary report (Birds) 2005 (37 page PDF 3.7MB)

A comparison of the Biodiversities of 'Lakes' A to D and Lakes E and F 2005 (19 page PDF, 0.7MB)

Evaluation of the Wildlife and Habitats at Spinage's Field and Thrupp Close / The Bullfield 2006 (70 page PDF, 3MB)

Ecology summary report (Mammals) 2006 (19 page PDF 2MB)

Wildlife lists

Thrupp Hymenoptera - Ivan Wright 2005/6 (16 page PDF)

Observations of Flora at Phase 1 Gravel Pits at Radley 2003 (Excel)
Thrupp Lake Plants List  Sep 2011 (Excel)
Radley Orchids 2012 - 2015 (Excel)

Wildlife Reports

The following reports are available:

Recent (2014) Water Vole sightings at Thrupp. Jo Cartmell  & Bob Eeles - 18 page PDF

Abingdon Hydro Ecology Report April 2013.  Bob Eeles - 46 page PDF - please be patient as may take a while to download