Canda Geese

The Radley Lakes area benefits from a wide diversity of habitats including:

  • Deep lakes, Thrupp and Bullfield favoured by a wide variety of ducks and grebes
  • Small woods including some wet woodland.
  • Areas of unimproved grassland
  • Flyash pits which have diverse flora and invertebrates. Some are partially flooded and attract dabbling duck, geese and wading birds, Lapwing and Skylark breed in areas which have been cleared of scrub.  Willow Warbler and Garden Warbler breed in the scrubby areas.
  • There are areas of reedbed within and outside the ash pits, which host breeding Reed Warbler and Reed Bunting. Bittern can be seen sometimes in winter
  • There are numerous small ponds and the shallow Orchard Lake which are rich in aquatic invertebrates and plants.  Great Crested Newt and Common Toads are abundant in these shallow waterbodies.