Radley Neighbourhood Plan and Radley Lakes

 Thrupp Lane Traffic  c CPRE

Thrupp Lane Traffic (c) CPRE

FRL has been contributing to the development of Radley’s Neighbourhood Plan, which will have legal status in the planning process. Some of you attended an exhibition of initial ideas in Radley Village Hall in May. If you are a resident of Radley, you may also have responded to a questionnaire which was circulated to all households in the parish.

NThe parish council has recently issued a statement on progress with the Plan: http://www.radleyvillage.org.uk/radleys-future/neighbourhood-plan-consultation-may-2016/

Among other things, this statement says:
Thrupp Lane
The very large majority of questionnaire respondents supported the proposed strategy for the area around Thrupp Lane and the Radley lakes, where we are proposing to promote nature conservation and quiet recreation alongside some continuing industrial use. At the core of the strategy is the proposal to provide alternative access to Thrupp Lane from Audlett Drive, removing heavy lorries from the Radley end of Thrupp Lane and freeing it up for use by walkers and cyclists and access by local residents. The Neighbourhood Plan will include policies to promote this strategy.”
Lorry Slips off ThruppLlane (c) Sue Calvert-Fisher

Lorry slips off Thrupp Lane © Sue Calvert-Fisher

This is exactly what FRL has been working towards for many years, and we are delighted to have helped shape the Plan in this way. Of course, this is a very long-term aspiration, and heavily dependent on the wishes of the landowners. The prize, however – an area which has an enormously rich wildlife, yet is within easy walking or cycling distance for large numbers of local residents – is a huge one. There is much work still to be done on this, but there are also grounds to be very optimistic now about the long-term future of the Radley Lakes.
Radley Parish Council will be consulting widely on a fully-developed draft of the Neighbourhood Plan in the late autumn. This is a very exciting time for FRL, and we will certainly keep you fully informed as matters progress.
Roger Thomas

Chairman, FRL

Tuesday 4 October 2016 - Roger Thomas, Chairman

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